an update from the road…

December 1st, 2007

Hi! It’s Brenda again. My Dad called me this morning and here is his news:

1. The new truck is a Kenworth, called it a “KW”. Lovingly called an “ant eater” because the nose slopes down like an ant eater… though he’s not sure. The ant eater could be a different model. He likes the truck. It’s very quiet. The cab is super narrow.

“If mom goes with me, I can reach over and unlock the cab door.” (I thought he was going to say he could lean over and kiss her but he didn’t say that.)

2. He headed out with the truck on Monday to Reno. Then turned right around with a load back to Fontanna. Nine hundred some miles.

3. On Wednesday, he headed to denver with $500,000 worth of computer equipment. That’s half a million dollars worth of equipment! He had to drive 200 miles before he could make his first stop. This is company policy so theives don’t chase the truck. How scary! They require that you have to a full tank, a full log book and have eaten your meal.

4. From Denver he picked up a load of dog food heading to Buckeye Arizona, just west of Phoenix. From there he will head to El Paso Texas for Monday. That will make about 3200 miles for the week—which is good.

5. He found some free wifi at an Indian casino but wasn’t able to upload any pictures… something wrong with the laptop. He did check his email though.

And that’s all I have for now. Happy Trails Dad!

4 Responses to “an update from the road…”

  1. Gramma Says:

    Just like he’s back in the saddle again. Isn’t it scary to carry such valuable stuff? Happy trails.

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Wait…I thought his laptop died… Good to know he’ll be posting photos…maybe?? Happy Trails, Tom! Safe travels!

  3. bethany actually Says:

    Drive safe, Tom! :-) We’ll keep you in our prayers. I hope your laptop is fixed soon.

  4. Porter Says:


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