Blogging on a regular basis…

October 30th, 2007

My daughter, most of you know her as SAJ, has challenged me to write a blog every day for the rest of my vacation/healing from hernia surgery time.  That is quite a challenge since I seem to write a post about once a year.

I understand the benefit of every day blogging.  Nobody is interested in reading your blog if it only gets changed once a year.   It isn’t really for lack of things to write about,  it seems my head is full of stuff I could certainly write about.  It’s just getting it from my head to the computer screen in a reasonably interesting blog that will be worth reading.

So, here goes…

I’m not even sure where I am going to go with this blog, I have three different subjects squirming around in my head like three siblings screaming to be in the front of the line.  We’ll see who wins out.

I suppose I should address a request that I received a few weeks ago.  Someone wanted to know what was my latest knitting project.  I have three of them,  squirming around in the knitting bag my wife made for me to keep my projects off the floor and somewhat organized.  When I look in the bag, I have to decide if I am going to work on the slippers for my wife (I have one made, but it takes two to be labeled “slippers”), the baby blanket which is almost half finished (I guess you could say the slippers are “half finished”, and I’ll have some pictures uploaded as soon as I learn how to run Flickr properly), or the other set of slippers I want to start, because my wife doesn’t really like the ‘one’ slipper and I have a new pattern in my head that I want to try.   You see, my wife’s feet are always cold,  always.  It doesn’t matter if it is 110 degrees, her feet are cold.  That is a problem.  Now, they aren’t really cold, they just feel that way to her.  So I have to knit a pair of slippers that she likes and will wear.

The blanket, though is what I am really enjoying.  I have never tried this difficult of a pattern.  I am doing it in seed stitch with alternating sections of solid purling.  It is supposed to be ‘beginners’ level and I’m sure it is, but for a truck driver who just knits because it is relaxing and doesn’t normally require serious thought processes, this has been a fun challenge.  Again, I will have some pictures uploaded asap.

I had better say something about something that I am sure is running through at least somebody’s mind out there… ‘Is this guy normal??  He knits?  He drives trucks?’  Yes I am a very normal ordinary man who loves to fish, loves to drive truck and I have found that ever since SAJ came out here one weekend and wanted to learn to knit, and I remembered what my grandmother taught me when I was six, I really enjoy sitting on the sofa and knit away.  It doesn’t matter if I am knitting a slipper or a blanket.

Oh I just remembered.  A few weeks ago I started knitting a handbag, a purse I guess it should be called.  I finished the main body of the purse, I just need to sew it together.  Somehow I haven’t gotten around to that part yet.

My wife is sitting in her recliner next the the computer as I type away.  She says, “You know, every blog doesn’t have to be a long blog, you could write short blogs…”    She doesn’t understand.  I have these three siblings squirming around in my head and I have only let the first one have out.  There are two others screaming how unfair I am, giving the knitter blog first place.

Well, you all will have to wait till tomorrow.  I will introduce the ‘Ask Tom the Trucker’ column.

5 Responses to “Blogging on a regular basis…”

  1. your daughter Says:

    I’m so glad you listen to me. I love this post. Love it!

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Oh YAY! You’re blogging again!!! Hi, Tom! What a great post! And I must be behind on B’s blog to not know that you had surgery. (I’m so used to ‘seeing’ her at Twitter and Flickr that I sometimes forget to check her blog!) My favorite moment in this post is when you ask, “Is this guy normal?” … and then add that you’re knitting a purse. Not that there’s anything wrong with a truck driver knitting a purse, of course! It just cracked me up. :) So glad you’re back! Adding you to my Bloglines STAT! Happy Healing!

    P.S. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Brenda was a delight from day 1. Or that she was an early artist. She has, after all, produced one of the most adorable tykes in the history of the blogosphere. Like Mommy, like daughter… ;)

  3. kedge Says:

    Oh Ho! We could go wild with alliteration! TOM’S TRUCKING TIDBITS, or

  4. knitterykate Says:

    Ha! Now you know the dilemma we knitters are constantly facing! What project to work on next, or which too start. There are so many ideas in my mind and I want to do them all. Right now. And have them all done. You might want to join JLG and me as we work on birthstone colored projects every month. Either we start, work on, or finish a project of any sort that is the same color of that month’s birthstone. We don’t necessarily have to finish the project either. Just work on it. It’s surprising, though, how much does get done. But I still have 20 projects swirling around my brain, scrunched on my needles or stuffed in the bottom of my knitting bag. Happy knitting!

  5. knitterykate Says:

    Tell your wife that her 100% wool socks are in the mail…yesterday!

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