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C is for………

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007


Mommy let me makedid cookies today.

SuperChic Hugging Cookie Cutter

I even got to weardid Rapunzel’s easy bake oven clothes and use da cookie cutters too.

Cutting More Cookies

It was lots of fun to cuttdid dem out.

Putting Cookies In the Oven

Den I put dem in tghe oven and Mommy set did da timer so we’d knowd when day were done.

Are You Sure You Don't Want One?

Do you want a cookie?’Cause Mommy said we can make more tomorrow. AND we can use Rapunzel’s oven too!!!

Mommy says to go to flickr to see more picdures of me making da cookies ’cause she’s having a hard time getting dem on my log.

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