Working on it

February 12th, 2012

I’m back to blogging again! So, I got a reward for my grades! yay! so yeah, i got a three point grade average. I’m trying to blog more so try to check my blog when you can.

My bio from when I was 11

February 12th, 2012

My nickname is Rapunzel, even though I just cut most of my hair off!!! My Dad finally said it was ok. I’ve been begging him for a haircut for FOREVER. I’m 11. I like to ride my bike, read books, listen to music, and getting into trouble.This is my blog and my Mom says that pretty soon I’ll be able to post more on it when I want to, because her computer won’t be on the porch where it’s so hot, and I won’t have to use my Grandma’s computer anymore.oh and the little girl in my picture is my baby cousin. I like to read A LOT. I’m a regular bookworm just like my Mom. I like to read all kinds of books. Some of my favorites are super easy for me to read, but I like them anyways. I can read a whole Junie B. Jones book in less than an hour. that’s pretty quick, huh. I’m going to start 4th grade in August and I’m really excited. Especially since SuperChic gets to go to school with me this year. Plus, if I keep reading the way I do my Mom says I might be reading at almost 6th grade level by the time school starts. That’s so cool. I can’t wait for school to start, even though Summer vacation just started. But what I really can’t wait to do is GO TO THE BEACH! It’s my favorite thing to do in the Summer, I like to spend all day there. I even got to start special classes this Summer but my Mom won’t let me say what they are. But she says it’ll help me be better in school and at home. But that’s ok because I’ve wanted to take this kind of class for like FOREVER. It’s so cool.

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