February 16th, 2012

So, I missed blogging yesterday. Sorry about that. So, Mom made it through her surgery. After she was awake my choir and i went and sang for her. She seemed very happy. Today, she got to come home! My Grandma offered to come up and help us with mom. Mom says she doisn’t need extra help. I wish Grandma would come up anyways. It’s nice living where I am but, I miss my family. It’s to cold here though. This morning it was icy, and i totally slipped and landed on my  bum. Luckily it was early enough that no one saw. Have you  how much harder it is to stay fit during winter? I mean, you have all the Holidays, with the yummy treats, and big meals you over eat at. Then. when spring and summer comes around you notice the belly fat you’ve gained, and the tan you’ve lost. Its like your run straight into a wall. Then you work yourself all spring just to get fit again. Its’s ridiculas! You miss the spring days cause your exercising, then when winter comes again, you gain all of it back. I still haven’t quite found my way through winter without losing the muscles in my arms. When school started I had no problem with push ups, but now I can barely pull off three! I’ve become a sad sight. I don’t even have a glimpse of tan anymore. Withe the color of my skin all i have to do is put on a black shirt and I look dead. I feel like a squishy white lump. So I’m planning to try to get fit again, but right now I need to leave for my bus. TTFN.

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  1. grandma sue Says:

    use your we to get fit I know you have a few exercise programs and your hula hoop good for waist definition

  2. rapunzel Says:

    thanks the wii does have some on the wii fit game, but our board is out of batteries :( we do have a just dance game that’s a pretty good workout too though. Also i won’t be blogging till im not sick

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