cutting it close

February 13th, 2012

Well, as you all know tomorrow is Valentines Day! My sisters and I have just about finished  our cards. I still have to make one for my mom though. So Mom had the most creative idea to glue tiny clothes pins onto small popsicle sticks and put our cards in the pins. We also hot glued magnets on the back so they could hang it on their fridge. (or in our case, on the door).The weather outside  is gray. I have found that this is my favorite kind of weather. Recently I have become a night owl. I don’t normally feel completely awake until after dark, and my eyes hate the sun. I mean, it’s impossible  for me to go outside in the sun without sun glasses unless I am looking for a migraine. So the whole not waking up till 7:30 in the afternoon and practically being allergic to the sun is almost impossible for me to live in the “school world”. Speaking of school, tomorrow for Valentines Day my school choir is doing singing grams. It’s really cool, all day tomorrow I will be riding around in a yellow school bus singing silly love songs such as: L.O.V.E., Earth Angel, Eight Days A Week, my personal favorite is sunshine and lollipops. The lyrics are tottaly awesome. It goes like this:

” Sunshine, lollipops and, rainbows and everything that’s wonderfull is what I feel When we’re together.  brighter than a lucky penny, when your near the rain goes disappears, cause your my valentine”

It has some really cheery words, and when we sing it we can’t help but to smile.  I love choir. It’s my favorite class of the day, too bad it’s only every Tuesday and Thursday. Band is on the other days. My choir teacher is always making every thing wonderful for every one else.  She makes every thing so much better. Well that’s all I can write for today. Hope you have a happy Valentines Day!

3 Responses to “cutting it close”

  1. grandma ladybug Says:

    keep it up Amber but try to have more then one sentence and make some more paragraphs.
    some Valentine stuff coming this week for you all.

  2. cc Says:

    Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. rapunzel Says:

    What do you mean more than one sentence? That’s like a zillion sentences!!

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