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a thought of the day

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

this morning i was playing club penguin ( favorite game and i was reading the newspaper (on club penguin)and i came across a poem and it made me think of @saj heres the poem

coffee coffee subtle and sweet
coffee coffee perfect heat
coffee coffee weak or strong
another reason to love the coffee shop
besides this song
pretty neat huh it reminded me of saj because she L.O.V.E.S. coffee but i dont blame her i love it to

totally awesome start of summer vacation

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

hi everybody! my summer vacation is totally starting out awesome, our school district doesn’t have enough money to have a summer school ,so i don’t have any of my friends in summer school ,and on the last day of school my bff princess of pink had a pool party, then that night one of my other friends spent the night at my house so that was awesome and then my dad bullets my sister super-chick and lady bug all went to a bible camp for a week and now we are having fun with some family and i did a stupid move and went fishing in a metal boat in my bikini in the middle of a lake and with NO sunscreen on (which was really stupid) but today and last night i have been haveing classes of cpr water safety pedatrition and baby sitting classes i will be makeng some flyiers and putting them up all oover my town and i will be babysittng fully certified (hopefully secret agent Joe to make them ) i don’t know my price yet but i am sure that i will be babysitting anyone have any suggestions? i have got no idea what to bring besides a bag and a first aid kit ttfn (sorry but i am not good with punctuation!)

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