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wacky but peacefull

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

something really wacky is my morning i just get up take a shower then go lay down on my bed again and listen to my radio and u all probably think i’m just lazy but i’m not when i’m laying on my bed in the morning i’m listening cause at that early nobody is driving they’re loud stinky cars and it smells fresh and all the owls near my room i listen to them then they go to bed but i listen to all the morning birds as they wake up and later on in the day they sound wacky and it stinks outside but in the morning its peaceful so here i am sitting on the floor at 5:55 in the morning typing away on my dads laptop while everyone else in the house is asleep well i better post this thing before it gets to long (jk) as tigger says ttfn (ta ta for now!)

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