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Saturday, March 20th, 2010

at dartmouth middle school there are lots of dances at the winter dance wich was the dance before the valentines dance one wich was about three months ago my best friend told einstein i liked him well it turns out he liked me too so he is now my boyfriend and on valentines day he gave me three freshly cut roses and a box of choclates and at the valentines day dance he had bought me a rose that also had greenery and babys breath my mom even thinks hes being sweet but my aunt saj is extremely terrified for me she made me promise i wouldnt kiss a boy until i was 16 i think thats pretty fair and i think i can maybe keep that promise considering he and i very rarely touch eachother and i only spend pe and school mornings with him and thats not even every morning oh well whatever makes her happy and the rest of my dads side of the family says i need to dump him because i am to yung to have a boyfriend but i didnt think it would be them as much as my mom and dad my dad doesnt say much about it and my is totally cool with it because this is the age she had her first boyfriend my dad is freeking out though b ecause im wearing skirts and high heels and so on but he doesnt realize i will allways love going shooting with him oh well hell learn soon enough i really suprized einstien when i came to school and i had almost all of the nail polish off my fingers and he asked me if i was going to fix them i told im not that much of a girlie girl and stole the basket ball from him and made the hoop well thats all for now but start checking my blog more often cause hopefully i will b able to blog more often now that i have something to talk about now dont forget to check ccs blog she has a new post too

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