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My First Field Trip to Santa Rosa Plateau

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

Last week I went on my first third-grade field trip. We went to The Santa Rosa Plateau There are two ways to go when you get there. One is the nature center, the other is a hike. We went in the nature center first. We had to answer questions on a piece of paper that they gave us on a clip board. One of the questions was about poop on a table! (It looked like real poop but it was actually rubber poop.) The question was: Which animal was a meat eater? There was a cheetah, a bobcat and a rabit. The poop said that the bobcat was the answer.

Then we went on the hike. The lady said, “If your partner is smaller than you it would be best if you picked her up because there would be mountain lions on the way.” But they might not come out. As soon as my friend Katie heard this, she immediately picked me up. This is actually true.

When we got back from the hike, we had a picnic and then we got on the bus and went back to school.

And that’s what I did on my field trip.

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