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Things we’re doing at Boot Camp!

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

peering from the pier

Sorry I haven’t written. I’m spending a week at my Aunt’s (SAJ). So far we have had lots of fun. We have gone to beach island and there were humungus waves. I also got a good sunburn while we were there. We also did a really really fun craft. Auntie called them sea shell mosaics. They are cool for stepping stones or something but you can’t really step on them because they will break.

a finishing coat of mod podge

silly dorks

I got to hang out with some of the kids my Aunt babysits. I know them but we never really see each other much so it’s like meeting them all over again when I see them.

I’ve had a hard time sleeping lately. Probably because Bug is kicking me in the stomach while I’m trying to sleep. And also it’s too hot.

ta dah!

Here’s me with one of my mosaics. I made 3.


Today we’re going to the beach and I’m going to get sun burned more boogie boarding!!!! (Scratch the sunburn part. Auntie is insisting on sun screen 500 spf)

I’ll try to write a post more often now.

The Two Cat Catchers.

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Last week my best friend S. and I went cat catching. We caught a kitten that has Scottish fold ears and a minx tails.  My Grandma Ladybug caught one too. They are both black and white. The one we caught is Love because he LOVES EVERYBODY!!  The other one is Hiss and Spit, because he hisses and spits .

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