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Wednesday, October 28th, 2009


My sister was digging a hole for a swimming pool. When she hit something hard, she looked down and saw a pattern in the dirt. She ran and got me and I helped her dig it out. It was a treasure chest! I picked the lock, it took quite a bit of time too! When I finally got the lock open, there was another chest. I picked that lock. There was another chest! This is getting a little boring! I picked that lock too. To my surprise there were three layers of books in the chest and there were ten just on the top! Boy! I was surprised! My sister saw what was in it and said, “YUCK!!” Well at least I got lots of books! :)

Written by Rapunzel during 5th grade, edited for grammar (sort-of) by me, CC, her Mom.


Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

I got an “A” on the first test of the school year. I even got all the answers right in some parts of the test.

My teacher is really cool, though she’s going to make us dissect a frog this year. I told her that we should do worms too and she said she’d think about it.  Maybe if we do the worms first we won’t have to do the frogs.

I really want to sign up for band but Mommy doesn’t think we can afford it. I keep telling her we rent to own the instruments but she still said no. Oh, well maybe they’ll met me sing. That’d be fun too.

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