Strawberry Shortcake

October 27, 2010


Who in their right mind would drive 2 1/2 hours, in LA traffic to celebrate a cartoon characters birthday?

Us, of course.

We love Strawberry Shortcake (SSC) and were super excited to be invited to celebrate her 30th birthday/anniversary with American Greetings, Hot Moms Club, Momfluential, Berry Flash and Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

SSC and all of her friends have had a few make-overs since she was re-released in 2003 and I haven’t been all that crazy about some of them, but this last one, well, she has just enough to remind me of the SSC that I grew up with. What can I say, I love the tights.

The event was hosted in a retail shop called Berry Flash. If Shutterfly or Snapfish had a storefront this is what it would be. They make some pretty great personalized gifts. Amber was really impressed with the jewelry box, Suki liked the personalized backpacks, and I adored the Maryoku Yummy coffee mugs they had.

SSC collage

They had lots of items around the store printed just for the party so we got to see the quality of the items they offered. I was impressed and after looking at their site I think I may be ordering from them in the near future. With 9 cent prints and standard shipping at $5.99 it’s a pretty great deal.


Of course their was yummy food for the adults and lots of goodies for the kids. There was even a massive birthday cake and lots of yummy cupcakes from Suzie’s Cakes.

spinach salad

There was lots and lots of pink everywhere so Suki was in her element.


My favorite part was the face painter, Alexandra Almand.


She did an amazing job.

Amber patiently waited until all the kids had their faces painted before asking if she could have hers done. Since she was the oldest (non-adult) at the event, it took a while but it was worth it.


All in all it was a great event.


October 9, 2010


Amber and I got to attend a preview for Secreriatat the night before it opened to the general public thanks to the people at Disney and BlogHer. It was a big deal for both of us.

One, Amber and I don’t get to do much together with just the two of us. Two, financially we just can’t afford to do things like go to the movies. So this was a great treat.

I have a few tips for any of you who are invited to any type of event. Always print out your email with your confirmation info and bring it with you, make sure you know who invited you, arrive at least 30 minutes earlier than told and don’t be afraid to ask to talk to someone else.

Considering I was invited by BlogHer and Disney I expected it to be organized a little better than it was. I know people who were invited, had their confirmation letter and were turned away because someone didn’t know what was going on. I was prepared for major drama when I got there.

When we arrived at the theater there was a table set up outside the doors, with someone with a list and papers that said Disney. My first thought, cool, they have their act together this time.


This was the table for the local radio station who had a hand written list of the winners who were to receive tickets. They very politely directed me to the table next to the theater where the Disney representative was located.

I thanked them and we walked inside about ten feet before being stopped and asked where our tickets were. I explained that the Disney representative had our tickets and that I had an email stating this and they wouldn’t let me in. They insisted that I was supposed to have some special paper to be able to view the movie. When I insisted to speak to the Disney rep they escorted me to guest services, where I spoke to someone who sold tickets, not someone who knew what was going on. She told me I would not be admitted without that stupid piece of paper that I didn’t have. I explained, again, that all I was told to bring was my ID and that I had my email conforming my tickets I just needed to speak to the Disney rep. She begrudgingly walked me over to the Disney rep, well, one of them.


The Disney rep didn’t have a list but the one that did would be there shortly. When I mentioned BlogHer I was told to go stand in line and the rep with the list would be around shortly. Amber and I stood at the end of a line of about 140-150 people, at the end of a hallway. We ended up being in the center of the line when all things were said and done.

The Disney rep never came around to check that I was really supposed to be there. When they announced that they would be opening the doors in about five minutes and that we were at a count of 299 people, I was floored. Then they said to make sure we had our special papers to be admitted, which I still didn’t have. I battled the crowd, walked to the front and asked for the rep again. She asked for my paper, that I didn’t have. I showed her my email, she looked at a paper that did not have my name on it, said ok, and let us in.

I couldn’t believe it. We actually made it in.

I wanted to take photos once we were inside the actual theater because that’s what I do. I wanted photos of the lights, the carpet, the signs on the back of the seat for the special guests, everything, but I had to turn off my camera and my phone before even entering the theater because of pirating. I get it, but it still frustrated me.

So I don’t have the photos of Amber and I in the reserved seating area, which was weird and cool at the same time. I don’t have photos of the KGGI DJ who kept us all entertained while everyone was seated. BUT, I do have this:

My Beautiful Daughter

A shot of my beautiful daughter.

I suppose I should talk a little about the movie now, huh.


If I could have paid to take Shawn, Suki, and Sue to see it on Friday I would have. I will definitely be purchasing this when it’s released.

I had seen the trailer once on TV so of course I went online and did a little research before we went. The general vibes were that it was a good movie but that it was more about Penny Chenery than it was about Secretariat. They were right. It was.

It was a great story though.

Honestly, if it was documentary style and too horse orientated, I would have been really bored. As it was we learned enough about the horse to be awed and fascinated and for it all to make sense.

The movie drew the audience into the film. They captured our attention early on and with the new micoscopic cameras gave us some awesome footage that kept our attention. When the horses raced it was hard not to cheer Secretariat on as if we were really there.

At just under two hours it may be a little long for kids under 6 to sit through* but otherwise I have nothing negative to say about the actual movie.


*Amber and I both had a hard time making it through the movie for our own reasons. She’s been going to be at 7-7:30 every night and I have a bug of some sort. So I had lovely bouts of chills in the very cool theater. I didn’t touch anyone or anything that wasn’t necessary and I used lots of hand sanitizer, I promise.