Borderline Bonkers

August 6, 2008

Ok, this is basically a test post, but I do have a review.

I ordered an item from a friend’s Etsy shop, it arrived today. I know there’s nothing spectacular about that, but give me a second.

I have been eying this particular piece for months now. So when it arrived today I opened it with much eagerness and anticipation. I was very pleasantly surprised to see not one item, but four, I was giddy. (Now if I would have read the customs label I would have known what was in the package, but I didn’t.)

Not only did she send me the item I ordered, she sent me two additional pendants, and a set of custom earrings.

3 Birdie Pendants, and some Rockin' Earrings

Earrings which I asked her about a few months ago, but never got down to discussing details about. All she knew was an approximate size, small enough to be worn in a second hole and not look huge, and blue. Real helpful huh? I had honestly forgot about the idea until about two days ago when my ears got infected, yet again, from being pulled on due to earrings that were just a little to big.

So today, I am the happiest girl in the world. The earrings are just the right size, color, and weight. I have been wearing them for hours and do not even feel them.

New Earrings!!!

The pendants are adorable, and I can’t wait to wear one of them.The only problems I’m having is figuring out which one to wear first and how to keep my girls from permanently claiming the other two.

Now, Anna, she doesn’t just make jewelry. Nope not this girl, she is an awesome artist and mom. So if you are looking for some unique jewelry or a new piece of art, look here first. She even does custom work.

Thank you Anna, I really love them.