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Contemplating Halloween

September 14, 2014

Suki wants to be the Mad Hatter for Halloween this year and since Alice was named after Alice I have to make a dog dress, which means I also have to make a costume for Sugar.

I’m thinking of recreating this:

With shorter ears and in pink and purple stripes so she can be the Cheshire Cat. Though it will have to be quite a but larger for Sugar.

Maybe something like this, and a headband for ears. I don’t know, I’ll figure something out.

Model Needed and a Note for Everyone Else

January 29, 2008

BB you must come back to Grandma’s, I finished the hat that matches your poncho. After much deliberation, I decided to make it slightly shallower than the pattern called for, knowing that you will pull it down and not wear it like it a beret is supposed to be worn. So it’s not a beret anymore, it’s a…a….I don’t know what it is. But it’s cute.

Anyways, I want to make more like it and I need you to model this one first. Your cute face and soulful eyes are a way better sell than SuperChic’s new baby doll or just propped on the desk.



See, it’d be much cuter if you were wearing it. Tell your Mommy for me, o.k.

Note to everyone else. Tonight I took an online timed test for CitiBank. It was pretty simple as long as I didn’t answer the questions in the wrong column I should be okay. It was stuff like “I have never lied to my parents, ” pick strongly disagree to strongly agree. Basic math questions, which we couldn’t use a calculator for. If you can’t do ((6+4)(6+4))-(25×2) without a calculator you need help.