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June 28, 2015

Let’s break the blog silence with a bang, shall we?

This is what I submitted last night for my English Comp journal assignment:

Love Wins Collage

It has been an…interesting week. Social media is in an uproar yet again.

My fellow church-goers and religious friends are yelling about “the end of days,” my black-lives-matter-love-wins-down-with-the-confederacy-can’t-we-all-just-get-along-friends are rejoicing, and others like me are sitting back laughing quietly to ourselves and wondering what will happen to top this. Surely something will happen. It must. It’s the law of the internet.

The confederate flag has been removed from Walmart, Sears, eBay, and Amazon, because they don’t want to sell things that offend their shoppers. They are on a very slippery slope. Walmart and Sears are corporations with stores that are not individually owned and operated, hence they can decide what they will and will not sell. It’s their choice 100%, all the way, no way around it. eBay and Amazon are not just corporations with stores. They are corporations with stores owned by other companies, and people. Not every item on Amazon is filled by Amazon. eBay was built on other people selling their own stuff on their site and making a profit off of it. How are they going to stop individual people, and stores, that use their site from selling items with the confederate flag on it?

What about rainbows and unicorns? Rainbows are synonymous with gay pride. Unicorns, while generally making a mockery of it, are the same. Are they going to stop selling things with rainbows and unicorns? What about The Dukes of Hazard merchandise? The General Lee has a confederate flag painted on top of it, are they going to stop selling the DVDs?

I did a quick search for “confederate” on each site. These were some of my results:

Walmart did not have shirts or items with the confederate flag on them in the first ten pages, books were excluded.

Amazon, well, I found a “Rebel to the Core” shirt on the first page.

I found two CD’s and one DVD on the Sears website.

When I searched eBay for “confederate” I came up with pages and pages of currency. I searched for “confederate flag” and came up with three listings for books. BUT, and who doesn’t love a god but, when I searched for “Civil War Flag” guess what I found in the middle of the page? Atomicamericana has a, “Vintage Cloth Confederate Battle Flag Confederate States of America Civil War” currently selling for US $12.50. The real kicker is in the description, “You are bidding on a vintage Confederate Flag. With the recent store bans on these flags, they are becoming hard to come by.” Hard to come by, maybe, but are they gone? Decidedly not.

Do I really care if Walmart stops selling the confederate flag? No. Do I care if my neighbor flies the confederate flag? No. I feel the same way about same sex marriage.

As a christian I believe that same sex relationships are wrong. I also feel that it is not my business to judge them on their choices and that should they choose to marry someone of the same gender it is their choice. I’m glad that the Supreme Court decided that it is now legal to marry someone of whichever gender you choose, no matter where you live. Why? Equality. It means equality in the eyes of the law. They are now entitled to the same benefits as straight couples. The same tax benefits, death benefits, health benefits, and the same rights to adoption as any other married couple. I know that this is just the first step. Discrimination is not going to stop just because a law was passed, but now they have a legal toehold to fight for what is their only true desire in all of this.


Photo credits, clockwise from top-left: 1. Southern Poverty Law Center Facebook page; 2. Kate Brackett via Siskiyou County Grapevine Facebook page; 3. Jason Wilde via Twitter; 4. Mark Zuckerberg Facebook page; 5. AllDesiredUsernamesaken via imgur. 

People of Walmart

March 12, 2014

I have seen my share of weirdness at Walmart but this lady was definitely worth the people behind me staring at me as I took her photo. Considering the fact that they were laughing and talking about her too I figured I was safe.

I have worn pajamas to Walmart, flannel bottoms and a sweat jacket because they were the only thing that would fit that day. I have seen many other people in their pjs and don’t even think about it, but this, this was memorable.